Government Relations

For nearly two decades, our firm has worked with local, regional and statewide firms on navigating the governmental and regulatory agencies that impact them. We know the elected officials, administrators and community influencers that are critical to seeing your issue move forward.

Direct Lobbying

With decades of experience in government affairs and external relations with major Fortune 500 companies, we know how to take complex issues and move them along through the governing process. We understand local issues and have the relationships needed to ensure your issue is heard, and supported.

Coalition Development

Our broad network of community influencers, leaders and advocates make Central Florida Public Affairs the top firm for building local coalitions and grassroots mobilization for corporate or trade association clients. We know how to take your issue, create your message and build the support you need to ensure its success.

Community Engagement

We know how to move an issue forward in the community and build local support. We work with our clients on building community support through strategic messaging, grassroots mobilization, speaking tours and community workshops. We know how, where and when to engage the community on critical projects.

Industry Mobilization

Our experience in working with the private sector, give us an edge when it comes to mobilization particular industries for action. When you need boots on the ground or air support from industry leaders and groups, we know just who to call and what messages to use.